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I've spent allot of money there ! One Sunday went in at 5:45 I was told by 4 employees that they close at 6pm I told them I needed one thing I grabed what I needed while shopping I was told by 3 employees about closing WTF!!!

As I was walking to get in line manager told to hurry up then said he had a life other than there ? I said well this is your job I've never been treated like that I'll never go back.

The manager told me to have a great F...ing night!!!!!! That's so ridiculous the worst part is I called the main office I've never heard a thing at all I think they hire unprofessional help really I think it's ones that Home Depot didn't want.....

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The closing thing is unprofessional but I see that in a lot smaller store chains especially. You either have ignorant employees or a company that refuses to pay anything beyond the scheduled shift which is illegal having employees work off the clock.

That is also a reflection of that store manager. One employee told they don't anything unless you call corporate customer service.

Harbor Freight must be near the end. I see a lot of turnover in the store I go to less and less. They also demand your phone number/violates your privacy now just to check out for a cash transaction(data collection must being used for income now).

The sales get worse by the month. The 20% coupons are frequently worth more than the individual item coupons even in that "special" flyer they send you. A lot of powered or mechanical items are useless and frequently are returns or missing parts & manuals.

Look for sales and lower prices else where, Don't buy on impulse or be swayed by those "free" coupons unless you can use those items. Both Home Depot and Lowes frequently can compete with HF on hand and power tools as can many auto stores.

Also if you order on line or through catalogues minus well go all the way and shop the entire market.

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