On June 9, 2014 I purchased a chop saw from Harbor Freight. I paid cash for the transaction and got my receipt and left.

On June 10th, 2014, for some unknown reason, the store sent a copy of my receipt to a third party that somehow their eMail address had gotten attached to my account. the cashier had asked for my eMail address and I had refused. That should have told her that I didn't want a receipt sent to my house by eMail but for some reason she sent a copy of my receipt to someone else who was attached to my account somehow. Neither myself nor the other person knows how her eMail address was even in Harbor Freight's computers as she had never bought anything from them or had any correspondence with them.

So watch out for your privacy if you buy something from this company as they don't seem to care about your rights to privacy. I won't be doing any more business with them from now on until they go out of business for their lack of caring about their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Harbor Freight Tools Cashier.

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Harbor Freight wants to collect your information and track purchases. They ask your phone before every transaction now cash or charge.

Refuse to give it to them. If you have money for the product they should be enough to buy it. Personal information should not be part of the price especially without warnings, signage and an opt out option. There is no longer such a thing as a harmless cash transaction at Harbor Freight.

Management in this area apparently has told their employees get every customer to sign up for the mailers/club. One cashier ripped off the mailing address off the flyer they ask to scan to continue the flyers. This has been going on for about 3 months now. I told them I'm obviously in the system because I received the flyer.

Her excuse was well they want to make sure everyone is signed up. So Harbor Freight is *** or the local management/store employees want to pump their statistics to impress upper management by saying look at all these sign ups.

And that's if there isn't an employee using that information for their own purposes. Very unprofessional at Harbor Freight Tools.


Its not a third party. If you ever bought anything online from HFT or if you ever gave it to anyone for any reason at HFT, the email shows up.

A button on the screen tell them if they want to print or print and email the receipt. Maybe she accidentally hit the email and print button.

Orlando, Florida, United States #826398

So you paid cash for the transaction which is completely untraceable and refused to give your e-mail to the cashier, and yet somehow they were able to find your e-mail through I can only guess psychics.

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