Order something from Harbor Freight Tools and you'll start getting their redundant catalogs once a week. HFT is not a green company, there's no reason for such heavy catalog mailings, they are wasting paper and our natural resources.

By doing business with them, you are contributing to this waste. Be wise and help our planet. Do not do business with Harbor Freight. They want one hundred words here, but I've said all you need to know about making a decision.

If you like trees, there's plenty of other tool companies out there that might actually be kind to our environment. HFT certainly is not.

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Your a *** its called advertising and its once a month not every week plus its on recycled paper and you could always recycle the ads sent to you or simply contact them and ask them to stop but that's to difficult for you to understand you would rather waste energy to post nonsense every company sends ads.


To Tons of JunkMail:

Actually the company is trying to go green. On the post cards to fill out for new customers there is a spot on the card for an e-mail address. They also send ITC coupons through e-mail as well. As of July 1, 2011 the company started the e-mail coupons only mailings.

Hope this helps

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