If you don't have a receipt, cause you lost it or the item was a gift, you are out of luck with Harbor Freight.Funny thing is when I said this will end my business with you, she said "Fine", I asked her for the manager, she says she is.

I know the manager, she is not. Is this customer driven? NO. The HF website doesn't even have a communicate option, makes you wonder...too many complaints?

Well, I for one will no longer do business with them.

FINE!HF can go ahead and do just fine deceiving others and lose my pitiful $3000 business, well that's what I have spent there until now.

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Shreveport, Louisiana, United States #1259751

I work for harbor freight, and this is directed to anyone, as the topic creator posted that years ago, and perhaps the policy has changed since then.

When an employee asks for a phone number, that is the method from which we can track your purchases.They stay in the system for 90 days.

So even if you lose the receipt, you CAN return the item. We just have to find the purchase in the system, and use that info to put into our return set up on the computer. The drawback of course is we may not find the purchase or you forget the number we have you under in our system.At that point you CAN get a refund, but it must be a gift card.(and yes, this can be a store to store situation, as some managers will decline this).

So i recommend providing a phone number with the company for this purpose. Also, if you provide an email, we can email you a copy of the receipt so if you lose the original you have another chance to bring a copy in.

Other than that, sorry to say, you can get as mad as you want, but it does state in the return policy that the store reserves the right to honor a return or to decline it.

This is true at a huge number of retail stores.Most won't do it, because they would rather work with you and avoid the hassle, but it is still within their boundaries.


It's completely understandable with the way They do prices..They have a $100 drill "on sale" for $25!

nice! so you bring it back, are they supposed to give you $100 credit when it's not on sale anymore? or do they tell you sorry, you only get 25.

You can see how this is gets complicated.

They have all your receipts on file if you gave them a phone number.So really you're just the dummy that didn't want to give them your info.


Maybe you shouldn't lose your receipt.

to Anonymous #1063109

I know, right??!!!!

Reidsville, North Carolina, United States #997756

Look at 95% of tools at Lowes, Depot, Ace Northern etc....Made in China.Dewalt, Skil B&D, Hitachi, Kobalt, Rigid, Ryobi, some Bosch...etc.

China, Mexico, Taiwan.

Please know what you are voicing an opinion on before doing so.Makes you look....foolish.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #921824

Got a hf gift for Xmas and needed to be exchanged w/out receipt, they did not want to exchange it

Denver, Colorado, United States #844439

Well, where will you shop then? What tool store is there that gives you a refund with no receipt? In fact, what store of any kind gives you a refund without a receipt?

to Don Bettinger #903756

Any store I've shopped at will at least offer you store credit if you don't have your receipt. Harbor Freight will not. So as stated above, if you received the item as a gift you are stuck with it...

to Don Bettinger #975602

Lowes and home depot do and taget will give store credit with out a receipt harbor freight tools are specifically made for them and sold by them only ,so it's not like there's other vendors selling their stuff?

to Don Bettinger #977688

Home depot, Lowe's or Ace. Just to name a few

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