Harbor Freight's store in Salinas puts their ads at front of store but the cashier rings the regular prices. If you notice, the manager is called who then rudely says the ad starts in several & he takes 10 min to void sale. This process prevents you and anybody else in line from buying anything else.

Merchandise is of questionable quality & the store does not stand behind the product unless you buy an overpriced extended warranty & you save all your receipts (yeh, right). Defective products I have been forced to eat are:

1) Solar auto battery charger that melted when placed on the dashboard!

2) A/C recharge hoses that either leaked vacuum or fell apart when hand-tightened.

3) RotoZip type saw baseplate that crystallized & then broke.

Harbor Freight items may be ok for limited use but their store personnel don't care about customers & are only interested in trying to sell you an overpriced extended warranty. Also, you should consider the ads at the front of the store to either be fraudulent bait & switch pricing or the store out-of-stock list for those items actually on sale at good prices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Harbor Freight Tools Cashier.

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WAH! :cry :cry :cry :cry

Jesus christ, you're crying over losing $5 worth of merchandise?

Gadzooks, how cheap have people become nowadays?


My own manager is a bit testy at times, but I take the time to listen and care for our customers. I know there's some I work with that don't, but I try my best to give everyone equal attention.

The ESPs are a promotional money-maker, but on the high-dollar items they're a pretty good deal. I mean, you get a new $99 jack for 20 bucks, and you can keep buying an ESP after that for 20 bucks. Now, on something such as a $9 multimeter with a $5 warranty, no. I never offer it. The DMs are always on our case about ESP and the Inside Track, but I think the customer is more important than the ESP. You guys are the ones that gives us the money, not the ESP.

Also, the register process, I agree, is a bunch of *** and a pain in the ***. We don't like it either, since it feels awkward to have to call up a manager, who takes 5-15 minutes getting up to the register, then takes 10 voiding/overriding/whatever.

We sympathize more than you think.

to HFT employee San Jose, California, United States #722050

I used to work for hf and you couldn't of said it any better.right on point I totally agree. Management sucks lazy *** that sit in the office all day doing awhole lot of nothing. While the cashiers take all the *** and are not one bit appreciated.


their extended warranty is only good to replace 1 item once,so if you replaced a part of a tool like a jack,in the third month,the warranty is done,even if its a 2 yr warranty.


Give Blue Grace Logistics a call. My rep.

at Blue Grace is Bill Demet. He makes all shipping easy and I get his personal cell number.

In addition, their pricing is much better than direct carriers like Harbor. Give Bill a call at 877-306-1274.

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