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Harbor Freight Store: Jefferson City, MO 65109 Ken Marsch 209 Manila Jefferson City, MO 65109 573-634-3216 Incident: 9/23/2017 The store has been in Jefferson City for some time and I had never check it out. On 9/23/2017, I made my very first visit to store.

I knew nothing about the store or it inner working or policies. I found $33.13, which was 3 items had which I thought were on "sale". I went to check out and I could not see the register’s display because it was facing the clerk and not easily visible to customers (I now know why). I was putting the merchandise on my master charge card.

When I inserted the card the display showed “approved”. I removed the card and the signature block appeared. When I signed and entered done, the computer “froze” and nothing would work. The clear tried to clear and nothing would happen.

The manager approached and he had to reboot the computer. My transaction did not re-appear. When this was happening, I looked at the register display and show the merchandise was at regular prices. I asked why and the clerk as what color was the sale tag.

I thought that was strange but I told her orange. She said “o that is an instore something. I asked the manager and he was not interested and at this I requested to refund or cancel my purchase. I did not want anything from that store.

The manager was very uninterested and appeared not to care. He never answered but said “wait 2-3 days and see if the charge hits your card. If it did, just come back and I will take care of it. I ask how he would take care of it when I have no proof.

This manager was a real “deal”. I told him if this is how he treats customers on their very first visit, I could imagine how he would treat them if they had a warranty problem or another in-store problem. The manager did not respond as if he could care less. H motioned with an expression of “I don’t give a s***” attitude (pardon my language but this word describes the type of attitude).

This manager could have handled this easily by giving me the sale prices and then telling me the store policy was and how I could get the sale prices in the future but no, I just made a substantial” enemy of me when it comes to Harbor Fright. I will go out of my way to discourage anyone I meet to even visiting the store much less buying anything. Before I wrote this not, I have already send out a lot of negatives on your store. I will continue to copy and paste this review into any retail customer review sites that I can find and also to the city chamber of commerce of which I have a strong standing.

I think you can tell I am furious and if it is on my card, know I got to go back into the store and talk to this “idiot”. Follow-Up: 9/30/2017, the cancelled purchase of $33.13 was posted to my credit card on 9/27/2017. On 9/30/2017, I contacted an assistant manager (Kyle) by phone. He advised the store manager was not on duty today.

He took my information and advised he would contact the accounting office and see if they would make an adjustment. However, I told him about how the store manager could have avoided this by giving me the sale prices but there was no response from Mr. Kyle. Still not much improvement in CUSTOMER NO SERVICE from this company.

I have not received any thing from this company at this point. If I do, I would update this review. I called Mr. Kyle back today (5 October 2017).

I informed him the credit of $33.13 still has not be credited to my credit card. Mr. Kyle said it would take 2-3 weeks. This long just to get something corrected that should have never happened in the first place.

Once again Harbor Freight store in Jefferson City MO is a NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would expect this is typical of ALL of their stores. Never, Never, Never shop or even go into a Harbor Freight store.

There was no receipt from this purchase because the computer system crashed and there was no way to get a receipt. However, I have a print document from the credit card showing the purchase.

Review about: Harbor Freight Tools Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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