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The main office at Camarillo is run by idiots who have us calling back 7-10 times due to them dropping calls on the customer. Do not let them put you on hold!

They will drop your call!

I put in an order for wood lathe faceplates in mid January 2013. They have charged me $101 and change. They were not supposed to charge me until the parts arrive.

But they charged me anyways. Months later with no updates on the order. I keep calling back with frustration after 6-8 dropped phone calls whenever they are transferring me from their sales department to their customer service. There are also two sections of customer service...did you know that?

Front office and back office! The front office will make a request for an update of information from the back. But the back office never respond to the front so you will be sitting there in vein with no response. Customer service for this company is a sham- a lie.you need to call the back office (805)388-1000 to get their main operations to respond.

I still did not get a tracking number even though they said the order for shipping have been approved.

This mean who knows when my 5 months order will be received! If I ran a business like this, I would lose all my customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Harbor Freight Tools Shipping Service.

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Too late to reverse your CC charge Your fault.. too bad so sad..

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